Human Strike and the Rise of Visual Facism \\\ Claire Fontaine

Paris-based collective Claire Fontaine gave a public talk on subjects related to the Women's Movement of 1977 in Italy, Autonomia, the war economy, and libidinal economy.

Although focused, the political discourse spoke through the words and quotes of others, and situated itself with examples of Berlusconi's rise to power through his non-state sanctioned television station. Aspects of his typical platform speeches, and young teenagers dancing as sexual object during daytime television did not present or defer a moralistic stance, but rather showed individual situations that all contributed to the failure of the revolution.

The discussion also addressed a new neon work entitled WARM WAR outside, situated in a public space of the city. Its place in a public space recognized the constant presentness of war and the necessity to speak of it on the street, and the possible lack of such a conversation in America.