REINIGUNGSGESELLSCHAFT banner-making workshop \\\ *Office of Collective Play

Tonight Henrik Mayer and Martin Keil of RG held a workshop for making banners and flags used during the demonstration in East Germany on November 4, 1989, the day one million people descended in protest in Alexanderplatz in East Berlin. It was five days before the wall fell on November 9. RG's informal public discussion and workshop considers the demonstration model as a revolutionary technique in relation to contemporary capitalist economies while recognizing the historic importance of the 1989 demonstration in Germany.

The banners and signs made are exact replicas of those used in the original German protest 20 years ago. They will be used in the peaceful demonstration on October 17. While the action might not seem politically relevant to Columbus, it encourages one to consider the politics of disrupting everyday use of public space and viability of demonstration today.